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 Unlock your Hidden Financial Treasures   

Hidden Financial Treasures understands as no other that running a business can be challenging, especially when running a business goes further than doing what you love day in day out. Next to your love, passion and drive for your business - there is also a part that is easily forgotten, forsaken or simply a hard to completely understand and devote time to. 


This is where HFT Treasury and Accounting can help you unlock Hidden Financial Treasures. With over 20 years of experience, we understand what makes businesses thrive and offer business owners the freedom to continue what they love without worry.

How it works

What we offer



Simple and flexible accounting solutions with affordable fixed fees which includes unlimited consultation.
We work together with you on your business which includes: Setting up financial statement compilation, accountancy 
and the ability to outsource all of your accounting to us.

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Our Compliance services not only provide credibility, but also enhance your financial reporting with the personal attention and business advice we provide to each of our clients. Services include:
- Audit services
- Internal audit support
- Tax planning and consulting
- Tax compliance services
- Assistance with tax audits

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Payroll & HRM

Our full-service payroll and HRM solution is perfect for businesses that are ready to save time and focus on growing their companies.

Working together with you to improve efficiency, effectivity, structure and recruitment.

We offer training of staff with our partner: I AM Consultancy

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We are your external financial director, guiding your business to financial ​treasures.Side by side with tailor-made solutions. Virtual, or in person - you may see us as an extention of your business - weather you are a start-up for which we have specific startup consultancy packages or years in business looking for an extra push. We provide this for you

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HFT Treasury & Accounting Services N.V.

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