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Falling behind on your bookkeeping? HFT will help you get up to speed. Books you can be proud of.


Not sure about the financial health of your company? We understand. You’ve been growing your business and keeping your books organized was not at the top of your to-do list. We’ve seen it all and are ready to help you get organized to continue growing.  We are here for you. Our one goals is to get you ready for financial success.


Hand over your books and we’ll put your company back on track and help you realize your vision.


Financial Statement Compilation

Hidden Financial Treasures provides financial statement compilation services in accordance with local GAAP and based on acceptable financial reporting frameworks. An accounting compilation is composed of financial statements that are prepared by a company's outside accountant. The accountant takes the data provided by a business and creates financial statements, which usually does not include auditing or any other extra services

Accountancy Services


  •  Support with monthly closing

  •  Budgeting and strategic planning

  •  Financial reporting monthly, quarterly   & yearly for management review

  •  Internal audits and support with   external audits

  •  Accounting system migrations

  •  Implementation of accounting  procedures & processes  

  •  Data interpretation and   recommendations

  •  Internal accounting staff 


  • Data entry

  • Accounts reconciliation

  • Journal entries

  • Filing, also digital


Hidden Financial Treasures compliance services not only provides credibility but also enhances your financial reporting with personalized attention and business advice to each of our clients.

We offer a tailored made audit approach, which is achieved through regularly scheduled meetings, early planning and knowledge of your business operations and processes. HFT is able to provide all other compliance services in accordance with the international standards on auditing and compliance.


Payroll & HRM

Hidden Financial Treasures’ full-service payroll and HRM solution is perfect for businesses that are ready to save time and focus on growing their companies. Your payroll administration is in good hands with HFT.


But how is your Human Resources management structured?


We help you set up an organization's structure and calculate the efficiency and effectivity of your staff.


Together with our partner I AM Consultancy, we also provide training and recruitment services. All to ensure unlocking your hidden financial treasures.

Payroll & HRM

Audit Services

  • Local generally accepted accounting principles;

  • Generally accepted accounting principles in the Netherlands;

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);

Compliance Services

Tax Compliance Services

We prepare and file your tax returns by identifying credits and deductions to maximize your savings

  • Arrangement, review, signing, and filing

  • Save time

  • Year-round access

Tax Planning & Consulting

  • Maximize your business tax deductions and credits

  • Prepare and file all relevant tax forms

  • Track and classify business expenses throughout the year

  • Perform asset depreciation

  • Guide foreign shareholder or subsidiary responsibilities with overseas business activities


Strategic advice and consultancy just for you. We are your trusted partners and expert advisors.

HFT Treasury and Accounting Services N.V. provides your company tailor-made consultancy specific to your line of business through different services, such as Virtual CFO services, startup advisory services and more. 
As the outsourced Financial Controller you have access to professionalism and experience at your needs.

We work together with you and your team, by your side, to ensure you get the most out of your business.

Together we will unlock you hidden financial treasures.


Training & Recruitment

We believe that everyone deserves to learn. Whether it’s honing an existing skill or diving into something new, our partners can help you acquire the knowledge you’re looking for. The course selection is varied and unique to fit all needs and skill levels.

Helping you find the right match. With our partners we understand  that a resume is important, but it's also a piece of paper. We support you to find the staff with the best profile in expertise, skill and personality.

Payroll & HRM Services


  • Calculation of salaries

  • Advice in the best employees salary 

  • processing of payroll with salaries with Celery 

  • Processing of bi-monthly and monthly payroll in celery

  • Preparation for the processing of payroll

  • Advise and calculation in part time and overtime  basis for different branches 

Efficiency Calculations and Assistance

  • Organizational structure

  • Online personnel manual 

  • Online leave applications by employees at the HR department

  • Online HRM reports and sickness absence statistics

  • Online distribution of work schedules

  • Online notifications and registrations for (internal) training

Virtual CFO Services

  • Accuracy 

  • Financial Projections

  • Cashflow & budgeting Management

  • Oversight of Accounting and/or Finance function Department

Consultancy Services

Business Consulting

Our advisors can make a quick scan of your company and identify the different areas of attention. Examples are:

• Financial health assessment 

• Financial reporting

• Budgeting and expense control 

• Strategic planning

• Investor and board relations

• Compliance with laws and regulations

• Corporate governance compliance

Startup Advisory Services

Hidden Financial Treasures has the experience and offers you the right advice to set your business up and running. You have the business idea and passion; we support in your business growth and throughout accounting solutions that will help you succeed. 

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